Referral Links

This page is for any sort of service referral links that I may have. These links basically give you some sort of discount or free account credit, and give me something in return (because that’s basically the only way someone can get someone to give out referral links – if they get something in return). So here they are. I’ll explain how it works to the best of my ability. I don’t want to deceive anyone!

DigitalOcean, the platform this site is hosted on: This link is very simple. If you sign up with this link (and you HAVE to sign up with it, you can’t use it on an existing account), you will get $50 in account credit over the span of 30 days. Once you spend $25, I get $25 added to my account. Which is useful because it means either A) I don’t have to send them money over PayPal for 5 months to pay for this server, B) I can upgrade the amount of storage, CPU cores, memory, whatever, on the droplet this site is on, or C) I can make a new droplet for whatever projects I may work on now or in the future. [Click Here]

Campfire Blaze: All I know about this link is that if 10 people sign up to campfire blaze with it, I get a free module for life. And if 20 people sign up using it, I get 3 more free modules for life. It doesn’t list any benefits for you, which kinda sucks but I’m still putting this here because the languages module costs $30 for life and getting everything else for life will cost $345. [Click Here]