My Stance on Exclusives

Considering all the controversy going on with EGS exclusivity deals, I decided I should publish my stance on such things prior to starting my game development career.

I do not like exclusives as a gamer. It feels like a hassle to be forced to, say, buy a PS4 in order to play Detroit: Become Human, and it is a horrible feeling when you find a game you were looking forward to gets poached and becomes an Epic Exclusive (I’m looking at you, Satisfactory).

And even from the perspective of a developer, exclusives don’t make much sense either. By taking an exclusivity deal, you are restricting your audience to the people who use or are willing to use that platform. In addition, if prior to that deal you stated you would launch on a different platform, you have now lost your audience’s trust by going back on your word.

Exclusivity only makes sense from the perspective of the company behind the platform. It is basic economics: if you want people to use your product (or in this case, storefront), you need to have something nobody else has. But going about it in such a ham-fisted way gets you no friends, only enemies. The only games that people would understand as being exclusives are first-party and second-party games, because it makes sense that you would only release your product on your platform/storefront. Otherwise, why even have your own platform?

That is all I really have to say on the matter, at least at the moment. I may edit this in the future, but I doubt that because my WordPress install is an unstable crap pile.