Calendars!? Yes, these things.

The one most people in the USA use is the Gregorian Calendar, created by a pope (Pope Gregory XIII (the thirteenth)) who hired some mathematicians a few centuries ago. Simply put, there are twelve months of alternating 30/31-day lengths (except for February who gets short-changed), and every 4 years February gets an extra day, unless the year is divisible by 100, unless the year is divisible by 400. Yeah, that’s hard to explain, I know.

If you’re thinking I have a problem with the calendar, you’re kind of correct. I do, mainly with the months (you thought the issue was with the leap years, did ya?) and how they don’t all have the same length. This is due to the fact that the Gregorian calendar is a solar calendar, meaning it focuses on the solar year rather than the lunar month. Now, I’m not going to suggest we switch to a lunar calendar. Rather, a lunisolar calendar. What’s a lunisolar calendar? It’s a type of calendar that pays attention to both the solar year and the lunar month and tries to get as close as possible to each. The one true calendar.

The main lunisolar calendar I’ve heard of is the International Fixed Calendar. This was created by Moses Cotsworth, and shortens all months to 28 days, and adds in an extra month. However, since 28 * 13 = 364, an extra day is added to the year outside of any month to line things up. A similar day is added for leap years, using the same leap year calculation as the Gregorian Calendar because there is nothing wrong with it. (and if you didn’t know, days that don’t belong to a month are called intercalary days)

Another thing that I would change, which I hadn’t heard about until Kurzgesagt (their username is hard to spell) made a video about it back in 2016 AD/CE, is the Holocene calendar. This calendar was created by Cesare Emiliani. The basis of the calendar is that year zero is now the year the first man-made structure was made, marking the moment humanity started building its own world. I find this to be a great idea. Using the Holocene calendar, the current year is 12019 HE (Human Era).

However, I think the best thing could be made by combining the Holocene Calendar and the International Fixed Calendar, making today, the day I’m making this page, the 28th of April, 12019 HE.

Of course, since few people are going to agree with me, I’ll also put the “normal” dates on things on my website, with today being the 22nd of April, 2019 AD/CE.